Pre Diabetes Diet

A good Pre Diabetes Diet can stop type 2 diabetes in its tracks – before it gets a hold. Diabetes is an illness that affects an estimated 30 million Americans today. It is a subject that frightens a great many people, but perhaps those people wouldn’t be quite so afraid of it if they had more knowledge. Many people have Pr Diabetes and don’t know it.

So what are the facts?

To begin with we should understand that there are two separate types of Diabetes known as type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 usually shows up when a person is still a child or teenager, but can affect adults as well. It affects the auto-immune system making the body attack the pancreas cells causing the pancreas to either stop the production of a hormone called insulin or limits it to the extent that there is not enough for the body’s requirements. When food is digested the carbohydrates released from it break down into sugars to be used as fuel or energy by the body If not needed as fuel immediately the sugars get stored in the body as fat. Insulin from the pancreas is used to move the sugars to the cells of the body where it is used as the fuel to keep us moving along. But if there is no, or insufficient, insulin secreted from the pancreas then the fuel can’t get to the furnace and we have a problem. To the extent that if the blood sugar level gets too high then organ and tissue damage can be the end result. Type 1 Diabetes is treated with insulin injections.

Type 2 used to be much more common in people of retirement age but these days we are seeing more and more people from their twenties upwards with the condition. It can affect children as well, though less so. Some things are known to increase the risk of contracting type 2, e.g. smoking, high blood pressure, obesity. Type 2 has certain similarities with type 1. The main ones being that there is not enough insulin to carry the sugars to fuel the furnace or that the body can no longer efficiently use the insulin required. Either way the result is the same, blood sugar levels go out of kilter resulting in health problems. Some specific lifestyle changes are generally used to treat type 2 Diabetes, though some medication may also be required. However, if a good Pre Diabetes Diet and a decent exercise regime is followed then type 2 can possibly be avoided altogether.

There are many ways to help yourself if you end up with type 1 or 2 diabetes and excellent medication is available. If you think you may have any of the symptoms, or are concerned in any way, then you must see your doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a huge difference to the seriousness of the condition. With some lifestyle adjustments Diabetes can certainly be “lived with.”

Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes is a condition existing in a person prior to the onset of full type 2 diabetes. Type 2 can be avoided by a change of diet and lifestyle; namely the aforesaid Pre Diabetes Diet. Type 2 can even be reversed.
To learn more about this disease and how to avoid it, please have a look through this website. Alternatively, there are other good resources to be found on the internet.